Sunday, June 19


Now you may not believe this but the taxi drivers here in Barrow aren’t really well known for their sense of style. But what with the heat wave which we have been experiencing for the last week or two, some of them have really surpassed themselves some of the tee shirts and shorts look like they were bought on some long ago foreign holiday at a time when the driver had had a good sample of the local tipple. Maybe at some time, they may have fitted as well, who knows but sadly with the ravages of too many pies and fries that’s not the case now. One driver I saw today broke all the rules cargo style three-quarter length pants (guys when you reach a certain age and size just don’t do it) and a black and white vest top way too small, looking down past the glimpse of white calves revealed black socks (pulled well up) and open toed sandals. But all was explained when I saw that he was proudly sporting in his left ear the biggest shiniest bluetooth I had ever seen, the radio waves from this must have caused temporary insanity.


Medfords Best Taxi said...

I don't know why you're dissing on this guys style! I think he's a fashion god! lol, but in all honesty great blog and keep it up!

John said...

Lol this is great! We call that the tacky tourist look over here!

Jenna Catlin said...

He is too old to mind that now. Isn't he?
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Patricia Carter said...

You are quite the harsh critique. But I liked reading it.
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